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Batch Photo Watermarker 3.5

Full-featured watermarking tool to add text, images, and logos to your photos
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Batch Photo Watermarker is a comprehensive utility for you to batch-watermark your entire collection of images and photographs or a selection of them. Though it supports only five image file formats (namely JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF), these are – undoubtedly – the ones that most people use when storing their graphic material. The program offers you watermark templates to make the entire process easier and to achieve pro-like results in just a few steps.

The first impression you get when opening the program may be somehow overwhelming for some inexperienced users. Used to simpler interfaces –as far as watermarking tools go – Batch Photo Watermarker seems to offer too much information in its one-window interface at first glance. However, the program tries to overcome this shortcoming by offering you full guidance and a set of templates that will surely simplify the entire watermarking process.

The process takes five simple steps – select the images to be watermarked, the desired template, customize the watermark with your own images and text, preview the results, and save the watermarked images. One of the things you can add to your photographs using this tool is a copyright sign, a logo, another image, the date and time stored in the image’s EXIF information, or a series of lines crossing the photograph. When saving the resulting images you can choose to change their original format, thus converting them into any of the other four image file formats supported and changing (or leaving untouched) the quality of the original photograph.

Though it may take you some few minutes to adjust all the settings required for each of the options in each of the five steps, make sure that the quality of the output will make up for whatever precious time you invested in the process.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Can read the EXIF information in your images and watermark them with it
  • Supports text, line, and image watermarking
  • Comes with collection management functions to help you keep your images organized
  • Supports the top-five most popular image file formats


  • The amount of information in its one-window interface can be problematic for some users
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